Post Graduate Diploma in HRM

[After passing the exam, printed Certificate will be issued from EduQual-UK]

Basic Information:


To build a strong HR community, WARD is highly interested to launch this course for the professional development of HR community in the country. In this regard WARD has developed a market demanded, highly applicable course curriculum to meet the recent requirement of the industry. This course is highly focusing on the practical issues of HR professional to contribute in the business of the organization.

  • To gather knowledge on basic HRM
  • To be acquainted with HR Skills
  • To have all tools and formats to be used in HR
  • To have confident to compete with experienced person
  • To have practical exposures in different HR function
  • To gain adequate business knowledge to become HR Business partner
Target Participants:
  • Present HR professionals
  • Potential HR professional
  • Students of HR major
  • Other professionals

Course overview:

Unit Name Code Module Name
PGDU-1: Contemporary Human Resource Management PU1M-1 HR Business Partner: Concept & Competency
PU1M-2 Modern Concepts & Practices of HRM
PU1M-3 Talent Development & Retention: Concept, Practice & Competencies
PU1M-4 HR Analytics
PU1M-5 Competency Mapping
PGDU-2: HR Operation Management PU1M-6 Talent Acquisition: Recruitment, Selection & Placement
PU2M-7 HR Communication
PU2M-8 Job Analysis
PU2M-9 Employee Separation & Final Settlement
PU2M-10 HR Planning
PGDU-3: Reward, Compensation & Benefit Management PU3M-11 Strategic Compensation & Benefit Management
PU3M-12 Designing Competitive Pay & Benefit Structure
PU3M-13 Job Evaluation
PU3M-14 Compensation & Pay Survey
PU3M-15 Designing Performance Centric Incentive Structure
PGDU-4: Financial Intelligence for HR PU4M-16 ROI of HR
PU4M-17 Financial Analysis and Application in HR
PU4M-18 HR Budget Preparation
PU4M-19 Employee Tax Management
PU4M-20 HR Accounting
PGDU-5: Business & Employee Performance Management PU5M-21 Competency based Performance Management System
PU5M-22 Performance Benchmark & Goal Setting
PU5M-23 Business Performance & HR Role
PU5M-24 KPI based Performance management System
PU5M-25 Business Management
PGDU-6: Digitalization in HR PU6M-26 HRIS
PU6M-27 HR Automation Structure
PU6M-28 HR Reporting
PU6M-29 HR Data Flow Management
PU6M-30/td> Application of Digital HR
PGDU-7: Ethics, Compliance & Legal perspective of HR PU7M-31 Essentials areas of Employment Law
PU7M-32 Essentials Clauses of International Law regarding employment
PU7M-33 Essentials of HR Compliance issues
PU7M-34 Ethics in HR
PU7M-35 HR Audit
PGDU-8: Organization Development & Design PU8M-36 Organizational Behavior & Conflict Resolution
PU8M-37 Policy, Procedure & SOP development
PU8M-38 Organization Design & Development
PU8M-39 Human & Industrial Psychology
PU8M-40 Business Process Reengineering

Course Administration:

Any Time Any where. Fully ONLINE Program, No specific time for registration/class

Video Tutorials are available with written module/material

Type of Assessment Unit Syllabus Marks/ unit Pattern of Assessment Total Marks
Examination 8 1 exam per unit 25 Short Answer type/ MCQ 200
Exercise/ Case 8 1 exercise or activity/ Unit 50 Case/ Assignment type/ Activity/ Exercise 400
Final Exam 1 Full Syllabus [Unit 1 to 8] 200 Written 200
Final Assignment 1 Full Syllabus [Unit 1 to 8] 200 Thesis type 200

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the eligibility?
A: Graduate in any discipline. Experience in HR will get preference.
Q: How long the course is?
A: General Duration is 8 to 12 months. Minimum time required is 6 months. Maximum time is 2 years
Q: When can I take admission?
A: Anytime, Anywhere
Q: How can I take admission?
A: Register through online & send your profile/CV. Once you get reply from WARD, You may pay through online /local partner. Once payment is done, you will get access to the portal in due time
Q: How we can continue the study and assessment:
A: This is completely online based program. Once you have access to the portal, you will find study material and activity guideline in the portal. There will be different types of activity:
Self Assessment, Assignment, Preparation of action plan, solving case, MCQ, Written Test, Situation based question answer etc.
Q: Is there any online class?
No, full course is based on self paced learning. However there will be option to interact through online if you have any problem.
Q: How can I pay:
A: Pay through online via credit card or can transfer via western union
Q: Is there Installment facility:
A: Yes, there is installment facility: In case of Installment you need to pay USD 750. At the time of Admission: USD 300, Before starting exam for first semester: USD 225, Before starting exam of second semester: USD 225
Q: Who is the assessment body?
A: EduQual is the assessment body. This is UK based assessment body. []
Q: How will I get certificate
A: Once you complete all requirements and pass the exam, you will get printed certificate
Q: Value of Certificate as it is online course
A: There is no difference in value between offline and online course. The same certificate is being issued for both category : online and class room based. We have class room based program for this course for local participants.
Q: Is there any other fee for exam/ certificate
A: Fee includes examination fee and certification fee. No other fee is required
Q: If I cannot pass in first attempt, what will be the option?
A: You may get additional 2 chances within 2 years from the date of admission. If need more chance, then you need to pay extra.
Q: How the course will be running
A: Self paced online learning: Self paced learning through online learning portal by using course material, workbook, case, exercise, assignment etc
Online activity: During the whole period delegate will be required to use different activities through online which will be evaluated by the Assessment Board.
Q: How the assessment will be done:
A: Assessment Tools: There will be short type exam, essay type exam, assignment, case analysis, activity through online portal, thesis paper. Assessment style: All the assessment will be done through online.
Q: Who is assessment body? Who will issue Certificate?
Awarding Certificate: Once delegate successfully complete all requirements (exam, assignment, etc) they will be awarded the certificate for Post Graduate Diploma in HRM by EduQual – UK. Printed certificate will be issued from EduQual – UK. []
Q: Is it required Recertification?
A: No.
Q: Further query,
A: please feel free to local partner or send to or


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